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where there’s a will, there’s a way.

January 16, 2012

i think i’m going to be switching jobs sooner than later. i’m not thrilled about where i work currently and the pay does kinda suck. in regard to what i do, my pay is fairly appropriate but i cant  survive on what i’m making. looking at it the way i am now, i pay close to 650 a month in loans and 550 in rent. I honestly don’t know how i have money for food.

I’ve started looking into (with some help) working for State Farm Insurance Company. not my ideal field of work, but if I can make more money with an opportunity to grow in experience and move up the corporate ladder, i’ll give it a shot. I guess there are a couple people who are willing to help me out along the way, and give me the opportunity to prove myself. So i accept the challenge.

Only thing that i’m weary of is this whole career change deal. I mean, i look @ this like a job if i get it. it’s not something im passionate about and i don’t think i will ever be. the intensive of possibly making upward of 38-40k makes me a little bit pumped. Also, if i like the guys/girls i’d be working with. and the new area i’d have to move to to make it feasible. I JUST DON’T KNOW!


i haven’t been doing much with my youtube. i need to get myself back on track. period.









January 12, 2012







dream it.

your title is (optional).

January 6, 2012

i was just blog-hopping when i found @flashingformoney. i really liked a blog post i found called 7 random things about me:….. so i’m going to steal it, but instead of it being about someone else. it’s about me. yup.



7 random things about me:

1. brussel spouts are my favorite vegetable

2. i shave my belly

3. i collect pennies and other various coins

4. i’ve had the same haircut for 10+ years

5. my first cd ever bought was the Grease Soundtrack

6. i had a myspace before it was cool

7. i pride myself on pop-culture knowledge




million dollar endevour.

January 5, 2012



i wonder if every entrepreneur wakes up in the morning with a new idea and business plan.

i have recently been watching a lot of rob dyrdek videos, reading a lot of his blogs, and biography stuff…

i also just sent out 2 e-mails and resumes to MTVu for different tv shows ans it looks like a PR position. *crosses fingers*


I would be super pumped to finally get my career and mogul lifestyle started up.


Bling Bling.

my outlets are dead ends.

January 3, 2012

I think if i was famous, i would do more with my life. period.


Slowly but surely.

January 2, 2012

Slowly but surely.

1 down 1,000,000’s to go….

social media whore.

January 2, 2012


i’ve gone though pages of pages of social media researching, and studying. if nothing, i would love to have more than 1000 people following me on twitter. NO PORN STARS (or fake ones at least)

I’ve spend most of my time recently making TONS of gmail accounts, youtube accounts, twitters, a linked-in account, stickam, reverbantion (for bands), and this little wordpress…I think the only thing i’m missing now is an instagram… and bet your ass, i’m getting on it. goodbye android, hello mac.

you do the math...

i have tweeted upwards of 950 times and currently have 88 followers… here comes the math: 950 divided by 88 = 10.7954545 …so every 11 tweets i get a new follower. IM WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN THAT, i just need to be engaged in conversation and attention..

when twitter started i would @tweet people that i didn’t know and say i was hanging gout with them.. like…

yo @50cent, you left two bottles of Cristal at my apartment, I’ll mail them to you,.. it might take a while, I’m sending them ground mail…


@iamdiddy i see you had a your b-day party… maybe my invitation was lost in the mail? get at me son, i got you something. later dood!


COME ON!, I’m fucking hilarious! @TomOverChaplin