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my dead st rose,…

March 16, 2012

i feel like im graduating again, but this time i don’t have to see you the next day…

i’ve taken so much and you’ve offered so little. i can honestly say that the education you have offered me was the biggest ponzi scheme ever. Your clown college is a drudge joke of non-ambitious professors and self absorbed chairs. someday your PR department will finally have some work to do with digging yourself out of the million dollar hole you put your alumni in.

but don’t worry, i won’t forget you. at least for another 30 years when my student loans you shoved up my ass are gone.


…on a positive note, i have made some of the best friends of my life so far here… though the department that i worked for wasn’t always by ideal job, it made for some of the best stories… i can sincerely thank everyone one of them for making my college “career” a fun and unforgeable one.

i love you guys.




ps: …on to insurance.

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