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Thank god for drafts..

January 22, 2012

one, two, skip a few, ninety nine, three hundred and sixty five.

making time for this pans out to be harder than i thought. with all my facebook surfing and creeping, i cant seem to find an hour or two to sit down and rabble off some insignificant shit that no-one reads anyway.

well, my past week has been something else. lots of hanging out with my friends and family. I think i’m destined to work a 9-5 and just survive. I always thought i was going to be hot shit somewhere doing something important. so far, no such thing has occurred.

Who knows? maybe this journey is just to help me find someone who can help me get my foot in the door.

I’ve been getting so desperate that I have researched past Grammy winner for not-so-well-known awards like ” Best Spoken Word Kids Album.” I WANT A GRAMMY! So, I’m looking into non-licensed kids poems to do a sound recording and i want to get a couple of unique voices to record this with me. maybe instrumental backgrounds. I think it would be fun, and I would love to win a Grammy, most of all.

Get at me if you’re interested, we can make this a web-known project…..

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