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my first resolution, revolution

January 1, 2012

it’s new years day and the first time i have ever chosen a resolution.

…some time ago when i was playing regularly with my band One Over Chaplin i had our lead singer Cj cover a song by panic at the disco that wasn’t released yet.  when the video was available for stream on youtube, it blew up.

currently we have had over 117,000 views on that youtube video. (not a lot in perspective) but since, youtube has given uploaders the option of using an ad based promotion for payment of streaming over-top of their videos.

...this was in my dorm room sophomore year

The entrepreneur in me was immediately interested and i signed up. I checked my net gain and profits 4 days later and i made 3 cents. NOW, it also says how many views i received in that time, and it turns out p!atd might be a little outdated and no one is searching it anymore…..

so here’s my idea:

i have a LOT of money left to pay in student loans and supplemental income is always on my mind. I work full-time for my alma mater, shovel sidewalks in winter, mow lawns in the summer, and craigslist hustle, and now i’m trying to be an internet mogul. (AND YOU CAN TOO)

I have already given a few of my friends the heads up about the youtube site i made called nomoreloans101 ( All it is going to be is a portal for students/grads to post a little video about themselves, what they went to school for, how much they owe. and the master plan is to have youtube pay for some portion of my college loans. the track i’m on now, i’ll be paying for the next 30 years, not to mention when i decide to buy a house or have kids, or if i want a new car, etc…

…and there it is. my new years resolution is to make a footprint, a ripple, a voice and a revolution. 2011 2012 is our year.


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